Most of the time those tricky problems can be dealt with over the phone by sharing your desktop over Skype or web conferencing

But for the more interesting problems it might be necessary to give us access to your desktop.

Below is three ways we can connect to your computer to provide support.

Any Desk

Download the Anydesk from

Once installed you will see a 9 digit number. You will need to send this number to us so we can connect to your desktop.

DW Service

Download DW Service from

After downloading the file and starting it you will be given three options, select the run option as there is no need to install it.

When it starts running it will provide you with an 8 digit number and a 4 digit password. These need to be send to us so that we can connect to you.

Chrome Remote Desktop

This is a plugin for the Chrome web browser, and you will need a Google account to use it.

To get started browse to with your Chrome browser. Then click on the download icon in the "Get Support" section to install the plugin. (if you have not already)

Once ther plugin has been installed, click on "Generate Code". Send this 12 digit code to us.